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    In 1837, English polymath, scientist, priest, philosopher, theologian, and historian of science William Whewell (1794-1866) professor of Cambridge University, coined the word „thermotics“ in his book „History of the Inductive Sciences, from the Earliest to the Present Times“ (in the part called „History of Thermotics and Atmology“) using the following sentence:

„I employ the term Thermotics to include all the doctrines respecting Heat, which have hitherto been established on proper scientific grounds.“

    In 1967, American physical chemist Ralph Tykodi (1925-2009) made an attempt to revive the term thermotics. His aim, however, was to revive or redress the term thermotics to be a science comprised of three sub-branches: thermo-statics, that pertaining to the classical equilibrium aspects of heat, thermo-dynamics, that pertaining to those aspects for which time variation is important, and thermo-staedics, that pertaining to aspects that are temporally steady or stationary. Our attempt to revive the term thermotics was born at searching for an English equivalent of the Czech word „teplozpyt“. Our understanding of this Czech word is similar to the conception of W. Wheller, who included into thermotics the „doctrines“ of heat transfer and as well as „doctrines“ of specific and latent heat (as accompanied to phase transitions), but extended mainly to the wide field of contemporary thermodynamics (including sub-branches proposed by Tykodi) and to the theory and practice of the various calorimetric and thermoanalytical methods and to the processing of their resulting measurement data.

    The portal thermotics.eu will present an assortment of easy downloadable contributions from historical and aged papers to recent publication (even those unaccepted by journals), books, reports, lectures, news and societal information (photos including historical records, newscast, events), etc.  should become a useful aid to the thermoanalytical venture depending on the cooperation and support of all.


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