Recent (and some historical) publications (modern trends in thermal science of materials - clustered topical issue papers)      

Caloric theory and thermodynamics 

Thermodynamics-constitutive eq-kinetics 

Estimation of thermodynamic data 

Citation records and chronicle, history 

TA and ICTA history and development 

History/philosophy: fire, heat and caloric 

DTA theory in historical view 

Theory of DTA and the role of heat inertia 

Nonisothermal kinetics by TA and use of fractals 

Early kinetic treaties by TA 

Crystallization kinetics of glasses 

Quantum thermal physics-temperature 

Periodic reaction, transport constitutive equations and quantum diffusion 

Some attributes of historical glass research 

Glasses, glassy state and its investigation 


Glasses-origin, theory, glass formation criteria, crystallization 

Special glasses: tektites, geo-polymers, bio-glasses, water 

Biomaterials and inorganic biocompatibility 

Climate and nature