Full texts (free download) meanwhile at the private:

   Thermodynamic applications concerning constrained states: Thermodynamic history, kinetic diagrams, glasses, phases characterization. Internal Report by the Institute of Physics (Czech Academy of Sciences), 310 pp, 5 chapters, FZU, Prague 1990

Special Materials and Modern Technologies: processing theory, single-crystal-growth, organic semiconductors, magnetics, energy conversion; 688 pp in Czech, 12 multipart chapters , Academia, Praha 1993

Heat, thermal analysis and society, Nucleus 2004, 380 pp, 20 chapters (ISBN 80-86225-54-2)

Abstract Thermodynamics: states, manipulation, space and special structures, 174 pp, 6 chapters by OPS Nymburk, Pilsen 2006 (ISBN 80-239-6075-X)

Thermal physics of structure of crystalline and noncrystalline materials, Pardubice 2008, 345pp in Czech (ISBN 978-80-7395-023-1)

Thermodynamic, structural and behavioral aspects of materials accentuating noncrystalline states, OPS Plzeň 2009 with 610 pp, 28 chapters, 2009 (ISBN 978-80-87269-06-0) and second addition 2011 (ISBN 978-80-87269-20-6)

Selected topics of textile and material science, Liberec-Plzeň 2011, 404 pp, 31 chapters, (ISBN 978-80-261-0062-1)